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Do you want to streamline the flow of business, handle the recruiting and other workflow? Integrate with the Zoho Payroll software. It will help to manage the business workflow easily.

Zoho People Integration is an online software for human resource management designed to access and manage the employee's data from one platform. To start this, you need to create the Zoho account and have strong internet connection. Lead Function provides you Zoho HR Software which acts as a 360-degree HR software solution.

With Zoho Payroll software, you will be handling the pays and leave of the employees seamlessly. Lead Function together works with you to ease down your business services

Zoho Payroll - Zoho People integration

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The Services That We Offer to You

Lead Function is best known as the most reliable Zoho HR Software provider who provides you HR software services to ease down your recruiting and hiring process.

Manage Your Employee Queries Seamlessly

Does your employee ask too many questions? Or do you feel trouble in answering the queries of the employees? Thanks to the Zoho HR software that helps to answer the queries of the employee accurately. No matter what kind of query you have, assigning work and others, this software will help manage the employee's queries accurately. The software will also automate the process of handling the queries.

Recruit and Onboard Easily

Being the Zoho HR Software Provider, we provide you best HR software that ensures to ease down hiring employees from multiple resources. Once you choose the right employee with the help of the software, you will be able to engage with the new employees and speed up onboarding and recruiting. From CV selection to interview and other things, this will help ease down the overall hiring process.

Mark the Attendance, Track the Timing

Lead Function provides you the most valuable software to keep you away from the hassles of entering the attendance and other tasks manually. This Zoho HR software will allow you to enter the data automatically.

Moreover, it also helps to customize the application type, schedule your jobs, and create the timesheets as well. It provides you accurate data and timing. Moreover, you can easily monitor when the employees are on leave.

Simplify the Performance Reviews

Employee performance is the essential thing to monitor. But identifying the weakness and strength of the employees is not an easy task manually. Thanks to the Zoho HR Software that simplifies the performance tracking of the employees. The software will act as a bridge linkage between the employee and you.

Customize According to the Business Needs

Every business has its own goals and workflow. So, it needs customized software that helps to manage the needs specifically. With this Zoho HR Software, you will customize your platform and manage your business needs ideally. Moreover, you can also automate the synchronization process of employee profile maintenance. By choosing the HR software, you will free your human resource management staff from repetitive tasks and make them more productive.

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