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In rising business complexities, it becomes challenging to move around for meetings and business expanding. Travel expenses and other limitations always interrupt to host the meetings and expand business worldwide.

This is why we at Lead Function provide the Zoho Online Meeting Software that lets you connect with the employees from remote zones and host virtual meetings. Zoho Meeting is a secure online platform, and Zoho Webinar Software embraces privacy, security and expands your work.

Today, Zoho online meeting software is the most trending platform that gives you the authority to connect with the audience from all over the world. Besides that, it allows you to protect your information and protocol through encryption.

How to Join Zoho Online Meeting

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Secure Online Meetings

Zoho Webinar Software is a secure online meeting platform that aims to put privacy first. It provides you lock meeting features that help to conduct private meetings and also let you control the participant's entry.

Even if any individual gets the meeting link, they will still not be able to enter the meeting without the host's permission. Moreover, this also helps to protect your meetings from hackers as well as abusers.

Moderator Controls
Lead Function provides the best Zoho Meeting software sessions that allow having moderate control. Moreover, you can also select the mute option to cancel the noise reduction. Besides that, it also enables you to have sound notifications for the exit and entry of the participants who are joined in the meeting.

This also helps remove the intruders if they try to enter your meeting, and you can also remove the participants when they are no longer needed in the meeting.

Record, Share, Replay and Download

We provide you the most accredited Zoho Meeting Software that allows you to store and record your meeting on the cloud. This gives you the freedom to share and replay the meeting recording whenever you need it.

This feature is helpful for those participants who couldn't be the part of the meeting. But only the host has the authority to record the meeting and can access the meeting recording. Moreover, the platform also allows you to decide with whom you want to share the meeting recording link. This will keep you ensure that your data is secure and safe.

Remote and Chat Access

Zoho meeting also provides an amazing feature of remote and chat access that makes it easy to collaborate with the participants and share their screen within real-time. Moreover, it is also useful for the IT personnel to check out the technical issues.

Zoho Online Meeting Software enables you to provide remote access to the person with whom you want to share the data. Participants can also communicate with each other through the chat options.

Send RSVPs, Emails, and Meeting Links

The best part of this Zoho meeting is that you can send the emails, RSVPs, and other meeting links invitation with all the information such as attendees' agenda of the meeting, topics, date, joining link, dial-in numbers, and time of the online meeting. You can embed the meeting links on the website of the organization so that participants can quickly join.

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