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Do you miss updating the services on your social media channels? If so, then use the Zoho Social media management tools. These services and software will help to manage and monitor social media management on one platform. Whether you need to automate the social media post or manage the leads, the Zoho Social implementation services will work for you seamlessly.

Lead Function is the biggest Zoho Social partner that provides you the most affordable Zoho Social services. Being a certified and accredited Zoho Social partner, Lead Function offers consulting services at attractive prices. Zoho social media management software provides you the most holistic solutions to manage your social media needs and management operations on one platform.

From post-management to email marketing and content posting, we curate every solution you need. Lead Function is itself the expert of Zoho Social media management tools; we have the capabilities of handling all your business operations, including social media management and other services.

Social Media Marketing with Zoho Social

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Zoho Social (All in One Solution for Your Social Media Needs)<

Zoho Social provides you the biggest social media management platform for your needs. From engagement tracking to keyword monitoring and unlimited posting, everything you need is present on the dashboard. With the Zoho Social app, you can post the content on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business. Moreover, you can even schedule your posting time and dates for optimal engagement.

It also allows you to respond even at the live streaming and answer the audience's questions in real-time. With this, you will be able to interact with your genuine audience in real-time. Moreover, the analytics also help track the engagement level by demographics, post type, and compare the organic search. After gaining complete insight, you will be able to monitor on contact level with Zoho Social.

Improve the Social Media Campaign

Lead Function provides you with all in one solution that helps to deliver, design, and dissect the posts and handle your campaign needs accurately. Whether you wish to make use of the layouts or the pre-designed templates, create vibrant emails, and drag and drop campaign editor, you will be able to have everything on one platform.

Besides that, you will be able to import contacts from Google and Microsoft via Office 365 and many more. This will include the rule-based integration to sync contact automatically and use them to manage your emails and other social media posting.

You can even add the customized fields to manage the posting on the social media platform. This enables you to keep control of the campaign and allows you to interact with genuine prospects only. Beyond social media handling, it also helps schedule the email campaign, design, and distribute and create social media engagement level.

Lead Function provides the best Zoho Social services that help you improve your campaign and generate real-time results. Moreover, the real-time stats that we offer to you allow you to finetune your social media campaign for optimal success. Besides that, the services that we offer to you fit in your pocket seamlessly.

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